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Who Are We?

BLS was founded with the idea to connect people who believe that the Serbian language is important.

We wish to help these people on their way to improve their Serbian and connect more with the Serbian language and culture by offering high-quality language lessons and fun activities in Belgrade.

At BLS, you will find kind, welcoming and open-minded people who are passionate about languages and sparking human connections.

Our Story

Belgrade Language School was founded by Igor Beloš, who was born and raised in Switzerland, in order to help other foreigners learn more about the Serbian language, culture, and people. He explains their story as follows: 

“My older sister Vesna and I were born in a town called St.Gallen in Switzerland as children of two Bosnian parents. Ever since I can remember, they forced us to speak our mother tongue at home: “Djeco, u kući samo srpski!”. What was annoying for us as children turned out to become incredibly useful as we grew older. Speaking our mother tongue not only helped us find new friends during our holidays in Bosnia, it also gave us a sense of identity and belonging, especially as second generation immigrants living in Switzerland.

Fast forward a couple of years and many holidays in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and Montenegro later, I decided to improve my Serbian even more and get to know my roots better by going on an exchange semester to Belgrade. It was there when I fell in love with this incredible city and completely felt at home. I met amazing people with unbelievable stories, and they all came to Belgrade to get to know the Serbian culture and language. Seeing their struggles to find teachers and proper language schools for foreigners, I decided that I wanted to help them. So, in 2018, I started working on this amazing project and I am incredibly happy to finally open its doors in June 2020!
Vidimo se uskoro!”

our team

belgrade language school director

Igor Beloš

Born and raised in St.Gallen, Switzerland, and with ancestry from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Igor finished his Master’s in Strategic Entrepreneurship in Rotterdam and founded BLS in 2020, together with Emilija. He speaks Swiss-German, German, Serbian, English, French, and a little bit of Spanish. His main job is to make sure that everything at BLS runs smoothly. 

serbian tutor ema

Emilija Kesić

Born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia, Emilija finished her studies in Spanish Language and Literature at the University of Belgrade, but has been working with Serbian as a foreign language for many years now. Her motivation to dedicate herself to Serbian came from the need to help foreigners learn the Serbian language faster and more easily, as she knows that resources for learning are hard to come by. She speaks fluent Serbian, English, and Spanish, and understands a little bit of German, Portuguese, and Hungarian. In her free time, she loves to dance to dancehall and afro rhythms, to paint, and to read. Her job at BLS is the coordination of teachers, and ensuring that student lesson satisfaction is of a high standard.

serbian tutor Marija

Marija Božić

Born and raised in Serbia, Marija has a Master’s Degree in Serbian as a Foreign Language and Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Literature. She speaks Serbian, English, a bit of Portuguese, and is currently learning German. Aside from teaching, Marija enjoys reading, so you can expect a lot of cultural and literature references in classes with her.

serbian tutor Jelena

Jelena Đekić

Residing in Belgrade, Serbia, Jelena graduated from the University of Belgrade with a degree in Comparative Literature, and she is currently working on her Master’s Thesis in Teaching Serbian as a Foreign Language. Jelena enjoys meeting new people, discovering new cultures, and learning something new each and every day. She is also enthusiastic about hiking, reading, and spending time in nature. Some of her other hobbies are analog photography, dance, music, and of course learning new languages.

serbian tutor Marina

Marina Prole

Born and raised in Belgrade, Marina loves her city so much that she lives there now and never wants to leave. She finished her Bachelor’s Degree in Comparative Literature and the Serbian Language, and is currently working on her Master’s Thesis in the same field. She speaks English, Serbian, and some German. In her free time, she collects old documents, pictures, and stories about Belgrade, and loves to share them with anyone interested. In addition to this, she is a part of the choir “Obilić”, because of her love of singing, even though she doesn’t believe she is great at it.

Serbian tutor Bojana

Bojana Petrović

Bojana comes from Valjevo, Serbia. She has a Bachelor or Arts in Serbian Language and Literature, and is currently studying her Master of Arts in the Serbian Language Programme at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology. Bojana believes that language is the means of connecting people and cultures, and that Serbian will be your best avenue into exploring the amazing things that Serbia has to offer. She speaks Serbian, and English, but like yourself, she also likes learning languages, so she is currently learning Spanish. When she’s not teaching, Bojana winds down by watching Netflix, and discovering new places all over Serbia.


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Belgrade Language School

Founded in 2020, BLS aims to become the main hub for all people who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the Serbian language and culture and meeting like-minded people, all while spending an amazing time in one of Europe’s most vibrant and exciting cities.