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belgrade language school director

Igor Beloš

Born and raised in St.Gallen, Switzerland, originally from Bosnia and Herzegowina. Igor finished his Master in Strategic Entrepreneurship in Rotterdam and founded BLS in 2020 together with Emilija. He speaks Swiss German, German, Serbian, English, French and a bit of Spanish. He is making sure that everything at BLS is running smoothly. 

serbian tutor ema

Emilija Beloš

Born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. Emilija finished her studies in the Spanish language and literature at the University of Belgrade but she has been working with Serbian as a foreign language for many years now. Her motivation to dedicate herself to Serbian came from the need to help foreigners learn the Serbian langauage faster and more easily as she knows that there aren’t so many resources for its learning. She speaks fluently Serbian, English and Spanish and understands a bit of German, Portuguese and Hungarian. In her free time, she loves to dance to dancehall and afro rhythms, to paint and to read. Her job at BLS are coordination of teachers and ensuring that students are always satisfied with their lessons.

Serbian teacher Jelena Nedeljkov

Jelena Nedeljkov

Jelena comes from the north of Serbia, specifically Srpska Crnja in Vojvodina, but she currently resides in Belgrade. Jelena is currently doing her master studies in Serbian Literature and Language at the University of Belgrade. She enjoys teaching Serbian as a foreign language because it allows her to connect people with their friends, partners, and other individuals who speak Serbian. In her opinion, teaching is a two-way street, as she also learns from her students. Jelena is fluent in both Serbian and English. During her free time, she enjoys reading and is curious about literature from other countries. She used to dance in a cultural artistic society, and some of her interests include folklore, and listening to different types of music.

serbian tutor Jelena

Jelena Đekić

Jelena lives Belgrade, Serbia. She graduated from the University of Belgrade with a degree in Comparative Literature, and she is currently working on her master thesis in teaching Serbian as a foreign language. Jelena enjoys meeting new people, discovering new cultures and learning something new every day. She is also enthusiastic about hiking, reading and spending time in nature, and some of her other hobbies are analog photography, dance, music and learning new languages.

serbian tutor Marina

Marina Prole

Marina was born and grew up in Belgrade, city where she lives today and plans her future in. She finished her Bachelor studies in Comparative literature and Serbian language, and is currently working on her Master thesis in the same area. She speaks English and Serbian, and some German. In her free time, she collects old documents, pictures and stories about Belgrade and loves to share them with anyone interested, and she is a part of the choir “Obilić”, because she loves to sing, even if she is not great at it.

Serbian tutor Bojana

Bojana Petrović

Bojana comes from Valjevo, Serbia. She has a Bachelor or Arts in Serbian Language and Literature, and is currently studying her Master of Arts in the Serbian Language Programme at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology. Bojana believes that language is the means of connecting people and cultures, and that Serbian will be your best avenue into exploring the amazing things that Serbia has to offer. She speaks Serbian, and English, but like yourself, she also likes learning languages, so she is currently learning Spanish. When she’s not teaching, Bojana winds down by watching Netflix, and discovering new places all over Serbia.

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Draško Mitić

Anđelija was born and raised in Niš, Serbia. She finished her Bachelor’s studies in Serbian Language and Literature there and got her Master’s degree at the University of Novi Sad. She loves teaching Serbian as a foreign language because it allows her to give students a taste of life in a Balkan country. She speaks Serbian and English and would love to learn Spanish. Anđelija likes dancing, listening to funk music, and reading. Currently, she is learning Serbian folklore. She enjoys traveling around Serbia, discovering new places to visit, and meeting new people. You can expect to learn much about Serbian culture in classes, and Anđelija can’t wait to create lessons according to your needs and interests!

Our Story

Belgrade Language School was founded by Igor Beloš and Emilija Kesić. The two met during Igor’s exchange semester in Belgrade where they connected quickly due to their shared interest in languages. At the time, Igor was frustrated by the difficulty of finding good Serbian teachers and Serbian language learning materials. Therefore, he decided to open his own language school which would help foreigners and heritage learners like himself learn the Serbian language properly. However, he could have never done it without the help of an experienced teacher and language expert, and it did not take long until Ema agreed to join in on the adventure. Finally, in 2020, the two started working on the idea and pushed through major obstacles such as the quarantine and its difficult measures. Today, BLS is the biggest online Serbian language school in the world with hundreds of students from all parts of the world and the ambition to help as many people as possible learn Serbian.