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Finding an accommodation in a foreign country can be challenging. If you do not feel comfortable doing that, please inform us and we will take care of it. Just tell us what type of accommodation you wish, whether it should be an apartment or a room, whether you wish to share it with someone or not, and what price range is acceptable for your budget. To give you a little overview, we have put together a little summary with the most important information: 



Hostels are cheap and give you the opportunity to meet travelers from many different countries. However, you might need to share your room with other people. 

Average prices:
2 bed private room: €80 per week and person
5 bed private room: €63 per week and person
7 bed private room: €55 per week and person

10 bed mixed dorm: €55 per week and person


Hotels are more comfortable and quiet than hostels. They offer a lot more privacy, but also have higher prices:

Average prices:
private single room: €350 per week


If you wish to have your own apartment with a private kitchen and bathroom, you can expect the following prices:  

Average prices:
3-4 person apartment: €150 per week for the whole apartment

Belgrade Language School

Founded in 2020, BLS aims to become the main hub for all people who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the Serbian language and culture and meeting like-minded people, all while spending an amazing time in one of Europe’s most vibrant and exciting cities.


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