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Handle business in Serbian.

Serbian Language Training for Employees

During the past couple of years, Serbia has experienced quite a shift in its economy.  Thanks to a constant political stability combined with a high supply of skilled workforce, the country has become increasingly attractive as a business site for large companies. Outsourcing a whole sector or creating a new plant in a new country comes with many challenges. One of those is certainly the employee’s adaptation to a new and unfamiliar environment.

Business people from all around the world who move to Serbia for work purposes often have a tough time finding their way. Fortunately, many people in Serbia speak decent English. But in order to get along well with Serbian coworkers, partners and customers while also developing a social life, it is imperative that they get at least a basic understanding of the Serbian language and culture.

To help decrease the stress associated with moving to Belgrade for work purposes and to help your employees handle business in Serbian, we offer customized Serbian language trainings. 

We Help Your Employees Communicate in Serbian

How do Serbian people communicate? How do they greet each other and lead small talk? How does business communication differ from casual conversations?

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Handle Business in Serbian

Learn how to hold confident presentations in Serbian, set up and lead meetings with Serbian employees, customers and partners, and put together and understand documents in proper business Serbian.

And Adapt to a Completely New Environment

Learn more about the way Serbia functions outside of the business world. Learn how to order food, meet new people, and handle everyday tasks in Serbian during our group or private lessons.

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Our Process


We make sure to understand your challenges and get familiar with your needs.


Our teachers develop a customized teaching program to ensure your employees get the most out of their language training.


The language training is held either online, at your company premises or the homes of the employees.


Progress reports, tests, and regular feedback sessions help us stay on track and ensure high quality standards.

We Fully Adapt to Your Needs

Every company has its own particular challenges. We make sure to stay fully flexible and adapt to your needs as much as possible. Contact us for more details on our services.

Belgrade Language School

Founded in 2020, BLS aims to become the main hub for all people who are interested in expanding their knowledge of the Serbian language and culture and meeting like-minded people, all while spending an amazing time in one of Europe’s most vibrant and exciting cities.