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Upgrade your Serbian basics

Serbian Upper Beginner Course (A1.2)

This course follows up on the first one and helps you take your Serbian to a conversational level. 

Expect more padeži, useful vocabulary and even more mini-games.

What will you know after
the A1.2 Upper Beginner self-study Course?

Talk more confidently about yourself and your life

Order food at a restaurant like a native

Buy something on your own at a supermarket

Prepare for and talk about your trips

Discuss your reservation at a hotel

Go shopping for clothing in Serbian

14-day money-back

2 years access

Pay in any currency

What you get with this course​

serbian upper beginner video lesson

50+ lesson videos

In this upper beginner Serbian online course, you will have access to over 50 lesson videos, providing more than 7 hours of video content.

All lessons are conducted in Serbian so, this way, you will be fully immersed in the language!

Also, all lessons include manually added English subtitles, which can also be auto-translated into other languages.

Value: €300.-

Downloadable lesson summaries

Feel overwhelmed by taking notes during lessons? We know how tiring it can be, and it’s often tough to keep your notes organized and clear.

That’s why, beneath each video lesson, you have the option to download a PDF lesson summary. Use it for taking notes while viewing the video, as a convenient guide during exercises, or to review and reinforce your grasp of the material.

Value: €70.-

Serbian upper beginner lesson summary
Serbian upper beginner course interactive exercises

300+ interactive exercises

After each lesson video, you practice Serbian with various exercises that include different sets of skills such as reading, listening, vocabulary enhancement, grammar, and common phrases.

These exercises offer a comprehensive approach to turning information into real practical knowledge!

Value: €230-.

5 Revisions

As each chapter has various lesson videos, these reviews will help wrap up the knowledge you’ve gained.

You can challenge yourself and pinpoint areas for improvement!

Value: €20.-

serbian upper beginner course revisions

550+ ready to use flashcards

We understand that everyone leads a busy life, and making Serbian vocabulary flashcards can take up a lot of time. That’s why we’re here to help!

Our upper beginner Serbian online course comes with over 550 vocabulary flashcards. These include English translations, images, and manually added audios with native Serbian pronunciation.

Use these flashcards to practice daily for at least 15 minutes, whenever you’re waiting in line or commuting.

Value: €330.-

5 vocabulary lists

The flashcards are crafted on Quizlet, but you’ll also be able to access the lesson vocabulary list.

Whether you lean towards Anki or other flashcard software, or if you prefer to print out the Serbian lesson vocabulary list; it’s a straightforward and easy to use.

Value: €50.-

Serbian vocabulary lists in Serbian beginner course
a group of people speaking Serbian in an online meeting

Monthly online speaking practice

Studying in an online Serbian course can be challenging and lonely, especially when learning independently. Also, there might be limited chances to practice speaking Serbian.

That’s why this upper beginner Serbian online course includes monthly online meetings. These speaking sessions give you an opportunity to connect with fellow students and practice speaking Serbian, giving you a sense of accountability and consistency in your learning journey.

Value: €350.-

This course has helped over 70 students so far learn Serbian

Serbian Upper Beginner Course (A1.2) | Belgrade Language School |

A1.2 Serbian Upper Beginner Course Curriculum

This is what we will cover in the course:

  • Unit 0 (6 chapters)

Introduction to the Serbian Cyrillic alphabet and how to write it;

  • Unit 1 (15 chapters) – Food and Drinks

Introduction to the accusative case and its usage as a direct object and with prepositions za and uz, vocabulary related to food and drinks, basic fruits and vegetables, modal verbs, how to express how something tastes like, situation phrases when visiting restaurants, cafes or going to the supermarket;

  • Unit 2 (10 chapters) – Work and Free Time (Vocabulary Building) 

Revision of basic professions and vocabulary building, personal pronouns in accusative, hobbies vocabulary building, revision of the locative case and adding a new usage with the preposition o, how to make your basic CV;

  • Unit 3 (12 chapters) – Day Trips and Leisure Time 

Differences between the accusative and locative cases, introduction to the instrumental case and its basic usages, numbers above 30, weather forecast, basic comparison of adjectives, new locative usage with the preposition po;

  • Unit 4 (9 chapters) – Travelling

Revision of the differences between the prepositions u and na, vocabulary related to traveling and situations on trips, introduction to the past tense;

  • Unit 5 (7 chapters) – Clothes and Shopping

Basic colors, clothes and footwear, introduction to the genitive case and its different types of usage, personal pronouns in the locative case

I am Emilija, your Instructor in this
Serbian Upper Beginner Course

Ćao! I am Emilija Beloš, and I will guide you through videos on your Serbian learning journey.

A little bit about my background: I was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia. I completed my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the Spanish language, which helped me understand the methods of learning a foreign language. I started teaching Serbian as a foreign language in 2016. Since then, I have been working in this field, finding the easiest ways to explain the complex Serbian language!

In addition to being a course instructor, I am also the creator of the course curriculum. The course curriculum is a product of my experience after teaching Serbian for 6 years.

My goal is to help as many of you as possible learn Serbian in a reliable and structured way, so that you can finally speak to your family and friends with confidence. To achieve this, I have created the A1.1 Complete Serbian Beginner Course and this A1.2 Serbian Upper Beginner Course.

To create the best Serbian online course out there, I worked together with two of our most experienced Serbian teachers: Marina Prole and Marija Božić. This collaboration made the course comprehensive, effective, and easy to follow.

We continually work on updating this course based on feedback from our students to ensure that you always have access to fresh content!

Vidimo se! (See you!)

belgrade language school ema

Common Questions about the A1.2 Course

If you are a complete beginner or know only a couple of words, the A1.1 Serbian Beginner Course is the better option. If you learned Serbian some time ago and have forgotten a lot, A1.1 course is also suitable for you. However, if you already have a solid foundation in the language, including familiarity with gender, number, and the present tense, then the A1.2 course is likely the right choice. Remember: you can request to switch to the other course within 14 days of purchase. So, try one course, and switch to another if it proves either too easy or too difficult!

No. You buy the course once and receive full access for 2 years. There are no hidden charges or recurring fees.

Yes. All of our courses have a 14-day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the course after going through the content, you can ask us for a refund and we will reimburse you the full amount. No questions asked. Depending on your location, there might be a 1-3% transaction fee on the reimbursement.

Given that we understand “access forever” often results in people never starting the course, we have limited access to 2 years. This will instill a sense of accountability and a deadline for you, and you will really learn Serbian!

Yes. After purchasing the course, you will be able to watch all videos and solve all exercises and games as many times as you want.

Yes, you can watch the lessons and solve the exercises on any device: computer, phone, or tablet.

The course is recorded mainly in Serbian with some sections in English. We did this to give you the opportunity to practice your listening skills from the very beginning. However, we have manually added English subtitles to all videos, so you can understand everything that is said. If English is not your main language, you can autotranslate the subtitles to any language you want.

Yes, the subtitles are written in English but you can autotranslate them to any language you want!

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