Уживај у времену проведеном овде и забави се како треба 

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Склопили смо партнерство са најбољим туристичким водичима и људима који организују најлепша искуства у Београду како бисмо осигурали да имаш потпуно искуство током свог боравка овде!

Belgrade Sparrow

Branislava is Belgrade’s personal storyteller. A licensed tour guide, she not only tells stories you can’t find in an average brochure, she also tells them in four languages: German, Serbian, English and Italian. Her tours include interesting facts about art, architecture, history, dusty chronicles and extraordinary people in Belgrade.

Belgrade Nightlife Tours

Toby is your perfect guide if you want to explore Belgrade during night time. His tours are designed to show you the best nightlife that Belgrade has to offer. Make new friends and create unforgettable memories on one of Toby’s nightlife tours!

Cruising Belgrade

Vladimir and Siniša have more than 20 years of experience as boat drivers. Relax on their luxury boat while you get an amazing view on the Great War Island, the Kalemegdan fortress  and the rest of Belgrade’s river site as you pass under all of Belgrade’s beautiful bridges.

Discover Serbia

Nikola is an adventurer who loves outdoor activities. He is passionate about sharing safe, memorable and fun outdoor experiences while showcasing the very best of Serbia. His tours will take you outside of Belgrade and into Serbia’s beautiful countryside, mountains and fresh air.


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Belgrade Sparrow

Get an overview of Belgrade’s culture, way of life, history and exclusive insider stories.

€ 25.-

Learn all about the most intriguing Belgrade love stories, taste typical Belgrade cakes and visit the Museum of Chocolate.

€ 35.-

Get a professional photoshoot in front of Belgrade's best sights.

€ 120.-

Learn about Belgrade lifestyle while visiting Dorćol and the bohemian quarter Skadarlija.

€ 30.-

Belgrade Nightlife Tours

Experience the best local parties together with other travellers.

€ 21.-

Sightsee and Sip in one of the world's most beloved cities offering glamour, legendary sights, and of course super local wines!

€ 21.-

Get a taste of local Serbian beers and visit best craft beer venues in Belgrade.

€ 20.-

Rakija is the traditional offical drink of Serbia. One of the must things to do when you are in Belgrade.

€ 21.-

Visit several of the most rated and the best coffee venues in Belgrade

€ 20.-

Cruising Belgrade

Experience Belgrade by boat from the beautiful district of Zemun to the fortress of Kalemegdan.

€ 32.-

Experience the sunset during a boat cruise and let yourself be swept away by the magic and beauty of the city.

€ 42.-

Discover Serbia

Discover the best of western Serbia. Visit national park Tara, the lonely house on Drina river, the wooden city and many more.

€ 81.-

Cycle along the Sava river, relax on Ada Medjica and go standup paddling.

€ 29.-

Visit North Serbia and monastery Krusedol, vine town Sremski Karlovci and the beautiful city of Novi Sad.

€ 58.-

If you wish to visit any part of Serbia and want to have your personalized tour, just reach out to us!

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Belgrade Language School

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