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Iz ovog razloga nudimo visok kvalitet časova jezika ljudima koji žive van Balkana kako bismo im pomogli da poboljšaju svoj srpski, da se povežu više sa srpskom kulturom kao i da upoznaju usput ljude slične sebi.

Pogledaj sledeći video i saznaj šta naši učenici Liz i Eloi kažu o našim časovima i kako oni uče srpski online:

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I've been taking Serbian Language lessons with Belgrade Language School for a few weeks now and I am really pleased with my overall experience. I feel that I've progressed so quickly. Igor, Ema and Marija are all very responsive, professional and attentive. I appreciate that feedback is often sought from me. When I started, they assessed my level, asked what my goals are and my expectations which they used to tailor my learning. They have excellent systems in place for booking lessons, email reminders and payment that allows me to pay in my local currency. Marija is an excellent teacher. Always punctual, prepared and explains complex concepts well. Lessons are conducted via Zoom, materials are shared with me in advance, and all their high quality lesson materials are presented to me via google drive. Everything is so organised. Thank you team, I'm looking forward to reaching my goals. More power to you all!
Studying with Belgrade Language School has been a great experience! Everyone I’ve encountered really cares about the students progress and wants to make sure they understand and can utilize the material. I’ve been in the group lessons for months now. At first I was nervous about being in a group because I wasn’t sure if I’d fall behind, but Marija is really an excellent teacher!
I went from knowing only a few phrases in Serbian to being able to have basic conversations. The best part is I actually understand the grammar they have taught us in a useful way! The school is very open to feedback and implementing what they receive to make their classes even better!
I highly recommend this school for anyone looking to learn Serbian from the very beginning or even those that might already have an understanding of the language. I only wish that there were in person classes as well as online, so when I’m in Belgrade I can be in a class, but COVID made that difficult!
I've been taking 2 x 1.5 hour classes with Ema from Belgrade Language School for about 12 weeks now and I can honestly say that I am SO happy with how far my Serbian has come, finally conversational! Ema was quick to access my level and knows when to slow down or explain words. She actually speaks to me at a regular pace, which I find really valuable because in real life, people aren't going to be speaking at snail pace. Ema is also ALWAYS prepared before every class, very well-organised and I always get a huge range of speaking, reading, conversational, listening, grammar and vocab practice from her! Would absolutely highly recommend either having 1-1 classes or booking in a group class (they are SO much fun) if you're wanting to learn Serbian!
I'm so glad I made the decision to start taking formal Serbian lessons, as I've been married to a Serb for 8 years now, living in America and trying to teach myself, and making very little progress. Now I'm way more confident speaking, reading, listening, and having conversations, and I can't wait to get back to Serbia so I can impress everyone with my skills! Marija is a wonderful teacher and everyone at BLS is really friendly and caring towards their students. The classes are affordable and flexible to your schedule, and Marija has gone above and beyond with making me extra worksheets, homework, and exercises tailored to my specific needs. The conversation classes are also a cool way to keep practicing in an even cheaper/quicker format. For me, I really want my daughter to speak and understand Serbian so she can have a strong relationship with her family in Serbia, and also for myself to be able to chat with my mother-in-law and everyone over there. This is definitely helping me achieve my goals! I highly recommend BLS to anyone wanting to learn this very difficult but beautiful language! Hvala puno! 🙂
As a boy born in Australia with Serbian parents I always struggled with Serbian. Ema has made me so much more comfortable and confident when speaking. She has become more like a friend than a teacher. I couldn't recommend Belgrade Language School more!
Have been taking classes with Ema for two months now, lessons are structured, balanced and focused on my needs/goals as a heritage learner. Communication is fantastic & speedy. Would definitely recommend 🙂

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Osnovana 2020. godine, BLS teži ka tome da postane mesto koje spaja sve ljude koji su zainteresovani da prošire svoje znanje srpskog jezika i kulture i koji žele da upoznaju sebi slične ljude kroz boravak u jednom od najuzbudljivijih gradova Evrope i gradu koji nikada ne spava.