Written by: Olivera Tolimir

Have you ever encountered a love guru? At least in the shape of a Facebook ad?

They promise to help you find your soulmate and then guide you through the heartbreak when your soulmate starts hating on a neighbor’s dog. And you try listening. But all you can think about is how you have two rescues in your small apartment and wouldn’t give them for the world.

Yes, that’s how the love gurus help.

That’s also how you’re helping yourself if you’re not authentic on dating apps and real-world dates! 

Whether you moved to Serbia or want to meet some interesting Serbian people, dating apps are a great start!

Ready to learn Serbian online cheesy lines? And the lines that actually work?

Check out these seven steps to learn Serbian online communication rules!

Learn Serbian

First things first – if you want to learn Serbian online flirting, learn Serbian! Most younger Serbs speak English fine, and a lot of them even fluently. They’re perfectly capable of communicating and flirting in English.

But you don’t want to be just one of the many foreigners in Serbia. You want to stand out. To do that, learn a few Serbian words. Or sentences. The more you know, the more fascinating your Serbian crush will find you.

Know the Time and Place

We (should) all know when and where it’s unacceptable to flirt. Don’t ambush people on their Instagram or TikTok posts.

When you learn Serbian online flirting skills, save them for the appropriate moment (Tinder or other dating apps). Otherwise, you’ll seem creepy, and no amount of Serbian language knowledge will help you!

Don’t Send “Hi”

Try not to start your conversations with any of these:

  • Hi! (Ćao!)
  • Hi, what’s up? (Ćao, šta ima?)
  • Hi, how are you? (Ćao, kako si?)

They’re boring to death. It’s nearly impossible catching anyone’s attention with these plain copy/paste messages.

Of course, there are exceptions. If you’ve already met in person, talked, and liked each other, it’s acceptable. If it’s the first message ever sent to them, abort the mission and see our fourth advice.

Make it Personalized

One of the brilliant online dating tips is to make it personalized. Don’t use generic messages. Look closely at the profile picture and description of the guy/gal you like.

If in their profile photo they pet their dog, ask them something about it! Or even better – compliment their pet. People are crazy for compliments, even more, when you talk about their pets or babies.

So, do you like the girl standing next to a fluffy dog in a picture? Tell her her dog is too cute and ask about the funniest story regarding the puppy.

She’ll be thrilled to share it with you! Then, you can follow it up by mentioning your dog’s silly moments. And so on.

Of course, don’t lie about liking or having dogs. Or you’ll end up like the love guru couple from the few paragraphs above.

If you see beautiful nature in the background of your crush’s photo, ask about the most stunning place they visited. It’ll spark the conversation for sure!

Here’s how you can start these conversations in Serbian:

  • Tvoj pas je presladak! Koliko ima godina? 🙂 (Your dog is too cute! How old is he or she?)
  • Vau, kako lepa priroda na slici! Da li je to najlepše mesto koje si posetio/posetila? (Wow, the nature in your picture is gorgeous! Is it the most beautiful place you’ve visited?)

Find Common Interests

Nowadays, you can find a person with similar interests without exchanging a simple word with them. 

It’s convenient because you don’t have to ask everyone, Šta voliš da radiš u slobodno vreme? (What do you like to do in your free time?).

Since you’re interested in learning Serbian online dating language, check out these sentences! They’ll help you share something about yourself:

  • Volim prirodu, životinje i planinarenje. (I like nature, animals, and hiking.)
  • Volim jesen, čitanje, kafu i čokoladu! (I like autumn, reading, coffee, and chocolate!)
  • Uživam u sportu, posebno u fudbalu. (I enjoy sports, especially soccer.)
  • Obožavam žurke i izlaske! (I love parties and nights out!)

These may be a bit cliche, but they’re just examples. Make your combination of favorite stuff to do, but be sure to check the grammar (uživati u + lokativ; volim/obožavam + akuzativ)!

Don’t Talk about Yourself Only

This one is crucial. People like to talk about themselves. It’s true, and it’s understandable.

But to seduce someone, you don’t repeat how awesome you are. That’s the part they’re supposed to find out for themselves. And what’s the better way to show your awesomeness than to let the other person feel important by asking questions about them?

Your Serbian crush will see you as a great interlocutor if you learn Serbian + ask questions about them instead of bragging about yourself!

Don’t be too Direct (at the Beginning)

Just like you won’t tell your crush you love them on the first date, don’t do it online, either.

So, it’s okay to learn Serbian online love language, but don’t use it too soon. It can ruin everything. No one wants to hear big words after a couple of chit-chats.

So, if you want to tell your crush you like them, try these:

  • Baš mi je super da se dopisujem s tobom! (It’s so cool texting you!)
  • Tvoje poruke me uvek nasmeju. (Your messages always make me smile.)
  • Opet si mi popravio/popravila dan! (You made my day again!)

After some time, you can be a bit more direct:

  • Mislim da počinješ da mi se sviđaš. (I think I’m starting to like you.)
  • Mogli bismo da se vidimo uživo. (We could see each other in person.)

And finally, when you start dating or begin a relationship, you may let your feelings on the surface!

  • Baš sam se zaljubio/zaljubila u tebe! (I’m really in love with you!)
  • Volim te! (I love you!)

We hope our little cheat sheet has helped you learn Serbian online flirting rules! If you’d like to practice flirting in Serbian more, book a class with one of our fantastic Serbian teachers!