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Become confident speaking Serbian.

Learn Serbian Online

Learn to speak Serbian fluently from the comfort of your home. Whether you are a heritage learner who grew up outside of Serbia and who wishes to become fluent again, whether you have a Serbian partner and would like to be able to speak to them and their family in Serbian, or if you simply love Serbia and visit the region very often, we will help you achieve your goal of learning to speak Serbian with confidence. At BLS, you can be sure that all lessons are tailored to your level, your goals and your needs, that you will progress quickly and that you will feel relaxed and motivated during your classes.

The lessons are held by the best Serbian teachers available. There will be no yelling, shouting, or criticising during the classes but rather encouragement, patience and a lot of laughter. We want you to feel comfortable making mistakes and be confident in your speaking abilities. Only with this attitude, you will learn quickly, reach your goals fast and have a lot of fun on the way! 

Serbian private lessons are a fun and efficient way to get your Serbian to another level! They give you all the flexibility you need to fit some Serbian lessons into your busy schedule. Choose the teacher you want to learn with, select the times and days that best work for you and you are ready to go!

Your teacher will prepare custom learning materials for you, completely adapt to your language level and your learning pace, and make sure that you feel welcome and safe. Because you learn best when you are relaxed.

Sign up to receive a free online trial lesson, where we can get to know you better, hear more about your goals and expectations and assess your current language level more closely. That way, you also get to experience our teaching style and see if the classes would suit you.

Transform your Serbian language learning experience with our online group courses! Designed for students who struggle with consistency and motivation, our courses offer the accountability and support you need to reach your goals.

Our Serbian group courses are held once or twice a week at fixed times, ensuring that you stay on track and make steady progress. With small class sizes of 2-5 students, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact, participate, and connect with your peers.

Learning Serbian with others can be a delightful and motivating experience. Whether you need help staying dedicated or simply looking for a more engaging way to learn, our online Serbian group courses offer the perfect combination of structure and fun.

If your schedule is very busy at the moment or you simply prefer to be completely independent and even more flexible while learning Serbian, then you will love our Serbian self-study courses. The courses are designed in a way that will help you learn Serbian on your own no matter when, where or how often. Watch over 40 lesson videos per course explaining Serbian grammar, vocabulary, and phrases, and solve hundreds of exercises to consolidate what you have learned. 

Each online course follows a proven Serbian language learning curriculum and offers all kinds of exercises for practice purposes. Listen to videos and audios, read texts in Serbian, solve different kinds of exercises and play interactive mini-games. The course content has been carefully put together by our experienced Serbian teachers and will ensure that you progress and learn Serbian in the right way.

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BLS compared to online learning platforms

Belgrade Language School

  • Only professional teachers with university degrees and work experience are hired
  • Lessons follow a structured and proven plan
  • School guarantees for high quality and learning progress
  • All teachers are exceptionally great and professional, on average one in a hundred candidates is hired
  • Students are encouraged to give feedback and shape their learning experience
  • Students are part of a community and will meet other Serbian students
  • Students can take group courses with peers
  • Teachers work full-time and will find time for their students
  • Administration helps solve any problems related to payment, scheduling, learning experience, etc… fast
  • School works on promoting the Serbian language through various means (online lessons, blog, social media, podcasts, newsletter,…)

Online Language Learning Platforms

  • Everyone can become a teacher
  • Lessons often without structure
  • No quality guarantee
  • Hard to find good teachers
  • Feedback rarely sought
  • No community
  • No group courses
  • Teachers often work part-time, hard to find consistent time slots
  • Teacher is the only contact person
  • Platforms are not specific to one language, offer no additional learning materials