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You will be happy to learn Serbian with these Duolingo alternatives!

Have you typed ‘Serbian Duolingo’ and felt disappointed? Yes, there’s no Serbian on Duolingo, unfortunately.

But there are some amazing alternatives that can help you.

We tested some of the best Serbian learning apps for you!

Each of them has some amazing features when you pay a subscription. But if you want to learn Serbian for free, continue reading and find out what they offer in a free version.

#1 Serbian Duolingo Alternative: Drops

You heard for Kahoot! company? It’s a quiz-based learning platform where you can compete with your friends in different fields.

It’s pretty interesting! And useful, too! But, we should not forget that we’re here to learn Serbian.

Kahoot! distributes Drops so gamification is also one of the main things here.

Pros: The design is simple but visually pleasing.

You can personalize your app experience by choosing your current level, the goal you want to achieve and how long you want to spend learning Serbian each day.

serbian duolingo serbian on duolingo drops

Cons: It focuses on vocabulary only. Free users can learn for 5 minutes every 10 hours. If you want to spend more time learning, you will have to upgrade to the paid version.

Overview: Drops is good for learning Serbian words and phrases. It’s easy to use. You can organize quiz time if you know more people who are also learning Serbian. But, if you plan to learn Serbian properly, you will need more sources that include in-context learning, grammar, and conversations.

#2 Serbian Duolingo Alternative: LingQ

LingQ is another alternative to Duolingo for learning Serbian.

What is a lack at Drops, at LingQ is the main benefit. In-context learning is the focus of this app.

serbian duolingo serbian on duolingo lingq

Pros: You can add any content you find interesting and learn Serbian using it! That means that you can add parts of your favorite book, news you love to follow, podcasts from YouTube, and so on.

Cons: You will not be able to see the full potential of this app as a free user. Getting full-sentence translations and a chance to join language challenges are benefits reserved for premium users only. If you upgrade to the paid version, you can use the app even if you’re offline.

Overview: If you are a complete beginner, we suggest you start with some basic vocabulary app and afterwards continue with LingQ.

#3 Serbian Duolingo Alternative: Ling

serbian duolingo serbian on duolingo ling

Ling is a language-learning app that offers more than 60 languages!

Ling’s mission was to connect people from different cultures and make small languages available for learning.

Pros: It offers mini-games and lesson reviews which can be very useful as a reminder. Just like Drops, you can get a really personalized experience as a learner. Choose age, gender, goal, your current level, time when you want to learn and more. With Ling, you have access to both vocabulary and grammar lessons.

Cons: Ling can be a little bit spammy with asking for app permissions and reminders. There’s no complete free version, but rather a 7-day free trial.

Overview: Ling has a lot of learning material, but not in a free version. It has a simple dashboard which is easy to use. If you want to start learning Serbian grammar and not just vocabulary, you should check the Ling app.

#4 Serbian Duolingo Alternative: uTalk

uTalk has gone even further (3x further) with language choice. It offers more than 150 different languages!

serbian duolingo serbian on duolingo utalk

Pros: uTalk uses photographs to illustrate words and phrases. It’s another gamification platform. Founders thought about details that would be pleasing to users.

Cons: uTalk doesn’t contain grammar lessons, so you will have to find another resource to cover this field of the Serbian language. The free version is very limited.

Overview: If you’re a visual learner type, this app will be a pure enjoyment for you. They choose really adequate pictures that describe words completely. The app offers many topics, such as shopping, directions, and more, but you have to pay to get access to them.

Other Sources to Learn Serbian for Free

Have you ever tried learning Serbian through social media?

Yes, you can really use some of the following resources:

  • YouTube

You cannot only watch and listen to short videos, you can even find videos that are over 5 hours long with lessons.

  • Instagram

After you type ‘Learn Serbian Instagram”, the results will show Instagram accounts with tutors and language schools. Many of them offer a bunch of free material on their profiles. Check out our Instagram profile to be in contact with Serbian every day!

  • Blog posts

Blog posts are a real treasure. Some of them are complete lessons with a lot of explanations and examples for better understanding. We also cover this type of content. You can start by choosing the category that interests you. Some of them are Serbian grammar and vocabulary, or Common Doubts when learning Serbian.

What you will need:

• Time for research: this type of learning doesn’t need just time to learn, but rather time for research. But, you probably already know that when you start searching, the algorithm will start suggesting you similar things. It is a little bit risky since you will have to choose from the offered material wisely.

A learning plan: Decide whether to learn by topics such as greetings in Serbian, or by fields such as vocabulary or grammar.

• Persistence: Since no one is tracking your progress, no tutor or an app, you will have to do it on your own. To make this easier for you, make a timeline and mark the steps you will follow.

Learn Serbian Apps: Overall Impression

Unlike learning via social media, every app provides you with the possibility to track your progress each day.

The overall impression of these ‘Learn Serbian apps’ is that they focus on just one or two parts of language learning. For example, Drops covers vocabulary, and LingQ covers learning in context.

If you want to keep learning through apps, maybe you should choose more than one.

It sounds pretty challenging, we have to admit.

But, if you’re searching for an all-in-one solution for learning the Serbian language, then we suggest you try a Serbian online course instead of just an app.

Schedule your Serbian language classes online and start the adventure of learning Serbian!