Written by: Milica Bokšan

If you are planning a trip to Serbia, this What to Buy in Serbia guide is what you need!

To help you sift through many Serbian souvenirs displayed in shops, fairs, or markets, and not spend more than you should, we have compiled a list of 10+ cool things to buy in Serbia.

What to Buy in Serbia: Food and Drinks

Known for being great gourmets, Serbs pay great attention to the taste of food and drinks.

Here are some products you must try when you find yourself in Serbia.

#1 Rakija

A widely popular drink in Serbia is rakija. It is a strong drink with a high percentage of alcohol obtained by fermentation of various fruits.

Rakija can be made from plum (so-called šljivovica), apricot, apple…

If you find yourself at a Serbian wedding, don’t be surprised if the host offers you an almost transparent liquid in a very small glass as soon as you arrive.

what to buy in serbia serbian rakija glasses
Traditional glasses for Serbian rakija

Rakija is a part of toast in Serbia, but be careful, especially if you haven’t tried it before.

You can also find rakija made of honey (the so-called medovača) or raspberry.

However, experienced consumers will rather say that this is a liqueur, due to its somewhat milder taste compared to the types mentioned above.

#2 Domestic wines

There are numerous vineyards in Serbia, and therefore many wine producers. The northern part of Serbia is known for its wine, especially the small towns Sremski Karlovci and Vršac. Sremski Karlovci is famous for its dessert wine bermet! If you like dessert wines, you must try it!

In the markets, you will often come across domestic wines that often contain a higher percentage of alcohol than those you can buy in stores.

Depending on what you like best, you can choose white or red wine, rosé or blackberry wine. The blackberry wine is sweet, just so you know!

Serbia has its indigenous grape varieties, called tamnjanika and prokupac. Both have a special taste, and you must try them!!

Some notable wineries include Vinarija Aleksić and Vinarija Zvonko Bogdan.

#3 Kajmak and cheeses

Quality dairy products are especially valued here.

In many parts of Serbia, traditional ways of making kajmak (creamy dairy products) and cheese are still cherished.

You can also buy them in local supermarkets, but the real experience is when you get a recommendation from the locals (depending on which part of Serbia you come to) about where to get the best quality cheese and kajmak. If you’re in Belgrade, you can always buy it at the green market (pijaca). Before buying, you can ask to first try!

Of course, don’t forget to try ćevapi with kajmak! That’s something to die for! Especially if you add onions, but don’t go on a date afterward!

#4 Ajvar sauce

Ajvar sauce is a type of thick pepper spread. It is used as an addition to many dishes, and often as a spread for bread or dip.

There are many variations of ajvar, so be careful when choosing. Some are extremely spicy! Also, some have only peppers, but some also have eggplants in them.

Ajvar is one of the products exported from Serbia, so if you become a fan, maybe you can find it in stores in your country.

#5 Dry-Meat Delicacies

Have you had the opportunity to enjoy real Serbian mezetluk?

In almost every Serbian restaurant, you will find meze, a plate with various types of dried meat for appetizers. If you’re traveling around Serbia, you must visit the Western part that is famous for Serbian kajmak and dry meat products.

what to buy in serbia mezetluk food plate serbian souvenirs
Source: TripAdvisor

Zlatiborska pršuta, different types of pečenica and sausages must be among the things you will take home from Serbia.

Keep in mind that most Serbian dry meat products are made from pork meat.

#6 Candies and cakes

If you happen to be at a fair (Serbian villages are very famous for fairs), you will certainly notice stalls with very colorful products.

These are candies of all kinds, lollipops, candied apples, quince, and Lycider hearts. These are all handmade sweets that people of all ages enjoy.

However, some of these sweets are often more for decoration, such as the Lycider heart, so you will be able to take this souvenir as a cute detail.

And here’s a new idea for courtship!

As for Serbian cakes, you must buy sitni kolači (small cakes) as a gift! They are often made for Serbian slava, bite-size, and perfect to fit in your hand baggage! Some of famous Serbian sitni kolači are vanilica, bajadera, rozen torta, mađarica, oblande and so on. It’s best to simply buy a mix of everything! Amazing sitni kolači can be found at the green market (pijaca).

what to buy in serbia serbian cakes and serbian souvenirs
A little bit of each type of sitni kolači is the way to go!
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#7 Honey

Homemade honey is another product that the locals will advise you to get when you ask them what to buy in Serbia.

It is not rare that when you leave the city, you will come across local honey sellers by the side of the road.

It often has several flavors, but bagremov med and livadski med are very popular.

What to Buy in Serbia: Souvenirs

As we mentioned, apart from food, tourists in Serbia very often buy traditional handmade items, and below we will list some interesting items that might catch your eye.

#8 Clothes

In rural tourist centers, such as in the mountains, you will often find wool sweaters, socks, scarves, and hats that are still being hand-knitted. This is particularly characteristic of the Zlatibor area.

You will also be able to buy traditional clothes, as well as ordinary cotton T-shirts with interesting Serbian phrases or jokes written on them.

#9 Pottery

If you’ve tried teletina pod sačem (juicy veal with vegetables prepared in a clay pot), you’ll want to buy earthenware pots in which you can prepare this dish yourself. In many rural places, there are still people who sell and hand-make these the old-fashioned way.

Some other notable dishes that are traditionally made in such pots are sarma and svadbarski kupus.

No tableware can make such a splash like earthenware, take our word for it.

#10 Čuture

Čuture (flasks) are flat bottles for drinks (most often for rakija), traditionally made of wood, but in modern times they are also made from metal or glass.

They have a string that is often in the colors of narodnja nošnja (the Serbian national costume), and the bottles can be decorated with Serbian symbols also.

what to buy in serbia čuture serbian souvenirs
Source: Duborez

Serbian peasants often took them with them when they went to work in the fields to refresh themselves during a tiring day, and they have remained today as one of the characteristic Serbian products.

What else you can buy in Serbia

Magnets, key chains and postcards

If you are a collector of classic souvenirs such as colorful magnets, interesting keychains and postcards, you will be happy to know that you can also find them in all Serbian towns.

Sometimes they can be very original, so they represent real small works of art.

Serbian manufacturers’ products

Besides traditional souvenirs, today there is increasing production of cosmetics, jewelry, designer clothing, children’s toys, decorative items, etc.

It is mostly small businesses where people return to craftsmanship.

For example, Srbijanka chocolate or Kozica natural soaps.

Serbs are considered to be very resourceful people, so the works of these small producers can pleasantly surprise you with quality and workmanship.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take some of these products with you!

These are not just products…

The products we mentioned here are not only an interesting souvenir or a gift, but they will also serve as a reminder of an interesting journey that you will want to repeat.

If you want to get to know the Serbian culture, customs and, above all, the language, schedule your Serbian classes online as soon as possible!