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Serbian A2.1
Pre-Intermediate Course

This is a perfect course to prepare you for the intermediate level in the Serbian language. Expect even more dialogues and real-life situations!

Serbian Pre-Intermediate Course (A2.1) | Belgrade Language School |
Serbian Pre-Intermediate Course (A2.1) | Belgrade Language School |


Learn to order in Serbian at a restaurant like a native, make a reservation, or ask for a different size of shoes when shopping! You will learn more about Serbian culture and our most important traditions. And more importantly, what you should do in those situations

Besides surviving situations in Serbia, talk with your Serbian cousins, in-laws, or friends about how your family or partner is. Are they tall? Maybe they are patient? Or do you have a dog or a cat? Is their character like their owner’s? You will be able to talk about all these things! 

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Serbian Pre-Intermediate Course (A2.1) | Belgrade Language School |

Grammar points

We will cover the following:


  • genitive case
  • dative case
  • comparison
  • ordinal numbers
  • possessive adjectives
  • pronoun svoj
And, of course, revise things from the previous self-study courses so you remember! 😊
Serbian Pre-Intermediate Course (A2.1) | Belgrade Language School |

For whom is this course?

This course would be for you if you attended our A1.2 course.


If you haven’t, these are essential points you need to have to take the course:


  • good knowledge of the Present Tense
  • good knowledge of gender and number in the Serbian language
  • solid knowledge of the Past Tense
  • to be familiar with locative, accusative, and instrumental case (you don’t have to know them perfectly)



If you need to become more familiar with the concepts above, consider taking the A1.1 course or the A1.2 course. If you are still determining the right choice, write to us at [email protected].

Ауторке курса:
Emilija Kesić, Marija Božić, Marina Prole

Kurs postavili i obradili:
Igor Beloš, Emilija Kesić