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Gain the consistency you need and join our

Serbian Group Courses

Learn Serbian in classes adjusted to your level and schedule.
 Have fun learning the Serbian language in a small group of 2-5 students.

What will you get with
our Serbian group courses?

Consistency in learning Serbian

Accountability for staying on track

Confidence in speaking Serbian

Digital & interactive learning materials

Professional native Serbian teachers

How do our Serbian online group courses work?

Serbian Group Course | Belgrade Language School |

Forming the groups

When you sign up, you will fill out a form indicating your availability, and we will assess your level in different ways.

After that, it will take us around 5 days to form the groups. We will match you with people who are on the your level and available at the same time as you.

It is very important for us that you are in the right group, and we prioritize this!

The number of students per group is between 2 and 5. We intentionally keep this number small so that everyone has an equal opportunity to speak, and the teacher can dedicate themselves properly to each student.

Group course curriculum

Our Serbian group courses don’t have a fixed curriculum where you are overloaded with information within a short time. We know this can be highly inefficient because it might be too much to memorize all at once.

For this reason, our classes are fully adjusted and tailored to the needs and learning pace of the group.

Also, the teacher regularly takes feedback from the group and implements the necessary improvements.

Serbian group course curriculum

Course materials

The teacher selects and creates the best learning materials, tailored to the needs of the group. Some materials are provided in Word or PDF format, allowing you to either print them out or read them digitally.

Other resources are available through online tools. Expect a lot of fun games! All materials are included in the price!

How long is one online Serbian group class?

Each lesson is 90 minutes long and is held via Zoom.

You can choose to attend a course that meets once or twice a week.

Each group course period is 3 months. After that, you can simply continue learning in your group, switch to another group, or stop the course!

online Serbian group courses times

Don't just take our word for it

Serbian Group Course | Belgrade Language School |

FAQs About Our Online Serbian Group Courses

No. Belgrade Language School is an online school only, based in Switzerland. Therefore, our course confirmation is not eligible for a language stay in Serbia.

  1. Choose the course you want.
  2. You will be redirected to a page with a language test and a group course form. After a few minutes from the purchase, you will also get the link to the form and language test in the “Next Steps” email. Solve the language level test and fill out the form with your availability. Check your Spam folder.
  3. We will contact you after the registration deadline to confirm the group course. 
  4. Once the group has been formed and confirmed, we will send you more information.

Yes. The group course is charged as a recurring subscription and will renew every 3 months on the 15th until you decide to cancel.

Each course lasts for 3 months, and you can continue right away if there is at least one more person in your group.

Due to limited capacity, we open registrations from time to time. Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed when we open registrations.

When we open registrations, we form our online Serbian group courses according to students’ levels and availability. Read more about how we form the courses here.

The exact schedule will be chosen according to your availability and level. You must fill out the group course application form with this information after the purchase.

Read more about how we form the courses here.

The groups are always between 2 and 5 students large. We keep them small intentionally in order to allow for an active participation of every student and a better learning experience.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time directly in your account. Once the subscription is canceled, you can continue with the course until the end of the trimester. However, the subscription must be canceled before the automatic renewal dates. 

  1. To cancel your subscription, please visit the My Account page
  2. Visit the Group Course Subscriptions tab.
  3. Find your subscription.
  4. Click on view.
  5. Click on cancel subscription.
  6. You will have the option to reactivate your subscription if you decide to continue with the course after a break.
  7. Alternatively, you can also send us an email to [email protected] and we will cancel the subscription for you.

Yes. To sign up, please purchase the type of Serbian group course you want to attend and fill in the subsequent form as described above.

You can purchase the group course in our online shop. We accept all main types of credit and debits cards, and SEPA transfer (only available for EU countries). We do not accept wire transfer or PayPal.

Yes. If you signed up by mistake or something important caused a change of plans, you can ask for a refund within the first 14 days after the start of the course. We will refund the full amount with no questions asked. Depending on your location, there might be a 1-3% transaction fee on the reimbursement.

We will refund you immediately the full amount.