Terms of Service

Here you can read through our terms of service.

Terms of Service for all Online Lessons

Belgrade Language School offers a number of services aimed at helping people improve their Serbian and connect with the Serbian language and culture. The following section describes the terms which apply for our services.

1 Camera, Audio and Internet

1.1   Both the student and the teacher agree to have the camera and audio switched on during the whole lesson. If the student’s camera and/or audio do not work or stop working during the lesson in a way that the teacher cannot hold the lesson anymore, the teacher has the right to stop the lesson. In this case, the full lesson price will be charged. 

1.2   If the lesson must be stopped because the student’s internet connection is too slow or unstable, the full lesson price will be charged.

1.3   If the teacher’s camera, audio or internet connection do not function properly during the lesson, the student has the right to stop the lesson and ask for a replacement. In this case, the lesson will not be charged. 

1.4 Recording of the lessons is not permitted.

2 Payment and Refund

2.1   Payment for all online lessons must be issued in advance. 

2.2   BLS has the right to refuse offering its services to students whose payment has not arrived in time or is delayed. 

2.3   The student can buy a package of minimum 1, maximum 30 online lessons in advance. The bought package must be used up within 6 months of the purchase. If the package is not used up within 6 months after the purchase, the remaining lessons expire and the student does not receive a refund.

2.4   Students have the right to receive a refund for the lessons within 7 days after the purchase. In this case, the full amount is refunded except for possible transaction costs which apply.  

2.5   A purchased package cannot be transferred to another person. 

2.6   If students have bought a package but for any reason do not wish to continue with the lessons, they are entitled to receive a refund within 7 days after issuing the payment. After that, no refund will be issued. 

3 Lesson Scheduling, Rescheduling and Cancellation

3.1   Students have the option to schedule, reschedule or cancel their lessons either via BLS’s lesson scheduling software or via email. 

3.2   Cancellation and rescheduling are only possible for private lessons, not for the monthly group courses.

3.3   All private lessons can be scheduled up to 48 hours before the lesson and as early as 2 months in advance.

3.4   All private lessons can be rescheduled or cancelled up to 4 hours before the start of the lesson free of charge. 

3.5   If the student decides to cancel or reschedule the lesson within 4 hours before the start of the lesson, the full lesson price will be charged.

3.6   If a teacher is forced to cancel the lesson for any given reason at any time, they have to inform all concerned students about the cancellation as soon as possible and reschedule the lesson for a date and time that suits all concerned students. 

3.7   If the student without any prior notice does not show up for the lesson within the first 15 minutes of the lesson, the teacher has the right to cancel the lesson and the full price will be charged.

4 Free Trial Lesson

4.1   Students may receive a Serbian trial lesson for free. The trial lesson is free of charge and is in no way binding. Students may cancel or reschedule the trial lesson at any time.

5 Teacher

5.1   Students are assigned to the teacher who is considered most suitable for the student. If for any given reason the student is not satisfied with the teacher, he or she has the right to change the teacher and will be reassigned to a new one.

6 Private Lessons

6.1   Private lessons are held one-to-one. 

6.2   The student cannot transfer the lesson(s) to another person.

7 Pair Lessons/ Group lessons

7.1   Pair lessons are held two-to-one.

7.2   If pair lessons are purchased, they are are treated as pair lessons even if one person decides to stop participating or does not attend the lesson. 

7.3 The same applies to group lessons. If group lessons (3+ persons) are purchased, they are treated as group lessons even if one or more persons stop attending. 

8 Group Courses

8.1   Group courses are held in groups of 2-5 students.

8.2   BLS guarantees that the group course is going to be held if confirmed to the students.

8.3   BLS does not guarantee for the presence of the group members. If the course started in a group but certain members choose not to show up, the course is still going to be held even if only one person is present for the lesson.

8.4   All course members can ask for a refund within 7 days after the purchase. After that, no refund is possible. 

9 Materials

9.1   All materials which are used in class are subject to copyright by Belgrade Language School or a third party. Therefore, the materials must not be copied and used for commercial purposes.