Written by: Milica Bokšan

Did someone mention festivals? If you are a fan, this article is your cup of tea, because Serbian festivals are a real attraction!

Musical, gastronomic, cultural, and sports events – they all have their spot in Serbia.

This time we will introduce you to the most famous festivals that even foreigners are more than happy to visit!

Musical Serbian Festivals

Much attention is paid to music in Serbia, so it is not surprising that there are so many large festivals. Besides them, many smaller ones are organized on an annual basis!

#1 Serbian Festivals: Exit Festival

The most famous and most visited music festival in the region has found its place in the capital of culture for 2022 – Novi Sad.

Exit covers a large number of genres: rock, punk rock, metal, hip hop, reggae, techno…

serbian festivals exit novi sad crowd
Source: Exit

The festival itself has received numerous awards, so it is not surprising that it is visited by millions of people.

It is held in July, lasts for four days, and is located in – no more, no less – than a real fortress!

At the Exit festival, there are always several stages with different music, so everyone can find something for themselves.

#2 Serbian Festivalas: Beer Fest

As the name suggests, it is a festival where you can enjoy music and beer, and also try beers that you have never tried before.

It is held in Belgrade for five days in August, on the meadow between the Danube River and Friendship Park.

There are several stages and mostly you can hear rock, pop, rock’n’roll, metal. This is a great opportunity to hear old and quality Yugoslav music!

#3 Serbian Festivals: Lovefest

Vrnjačka Banja is one of the most beautiful places in Serbia. For over a decade, it has had its international festival called Lovefest.

In the Banja, there is a famous bridge of love where people leave keys and padlocks vowing to love. According to some stories, this bridge is what gave Lovefest its name.

Lovefest also takes place over a few days in August and has three different stages.

If you find yourself in Vrnjačka Banja don’t forget to enjoy nature and peace before the music starts.

#4 Serbian Festivals: Assembly of Trumpeters in Guča

A one-of-a-kind music festival is certainly the one in Guča.

Recently, this manifestation made its way onto the list of Intangible Heritage of Serbia.

The trumpet is a traditional instrument in Serbia, so the best trumpet orchestra gets an award called Golden Trumpet every year.

If you choose to spend part of August in Guča, be prepared for a special experience – lots of rakija, pečenje, and, of course, kolo!

#5 Serbian Festivals: Nišville Jazz Festival

This year is the jubilee of the 30th Nišville Jazz Festival. It is being held in Niš, at the Niš Fortress.

It will last a little under ten days, also in August, so if you plan to visit more than one Serbian festival this year, you’ll need to plan properly!

Nišville is the most famous jazz festival in Southeast Europe, so it is not surprising that it was included in the list of Top Serbian Brands, as well as that the Ministry of Culture counted it among the events of national importance.

serbian festivals niš concert jazz festival
Source: Nišville

In addition to local performers, as well as at the Exit festival, musical performers from all over the world always perform here.

Book promotions, performances, exhibitions, as well as workshops for young musicians are often included in the festival’s rich program.

Serbian Food Festivals

If you have heard anything about Serbia, then you know that, besides good music, tasty food is highly valued.

Therefore, it is not surprising that you can find a considerable number of gastronomic manifestations which, due to great interest, have turned into true festivals of food, music, and good time!

#6 Serbian Festivals: Roštiljijada u Leskovcu

Leskovac is a town in Serbia known for its extremely delicious grilled dishes.

serbian festivals barbecue grill
Source: PlanPlus

It takes place at the end of August and the beginning of September, and more than half a million people visit this event every year.

Each year, the traditional making of the largest patty for the Guinness Book of Records is held, and the largest patty made so far weighed as much as 66 kilograms!

#7 Serbian Festivals: Kupusijada u Mrčajevcima

In September, the Kupusijada is organized, a traditional event where cabbage dishes are prepared, and special attention is paid to the preparation of svadbarski kupus. This is one of the traditional dishes, and if you are a true gourmet, you must not miss trying it.

In addition to the preparation of dishes in earthen pots, accompanying programs that entertain both locals and tourists must not be missing.

Cultural Serbian Festivals

Culture in the true sense of the word must not be neglected, that’s why we single out two more extremely popular and well-attended festivals.

#8 Serbian Festivals: FEST

FEST is held in Belgrade, starting on the last Friday in February and lasting for ten days.

It is the biggest film festival (yes, this is not the only film festival in Serbia) in the country where you can watch the premieres of domestic and international films.

FEST is a competition show, with prizes awarded in different categories, and it is an opportunity to present new personalities from the world of film.

#9 Serbian Festivals: BITEF

BITEF is the equivalent of FEST, but when it comes to theater. It is held in Belgrade in October, in the Evangelical Church.

This festival is the first international theater festival to receive the Premio Europa per il teatro award!

Sport Serbian Festivals

If you are a fan of sports and recreation, we present to you two of the most popular events of this type!

#10 Serbian Festivals: Drinska regata

An event called the Drinska Regata was developed based on the old rafters who sailed the river Drina. Since then, it has been held in July in a place called Bajina bašta and it is the biggest water party in Europe!

This event has been gathering water and adrenaline lovers for years.

A special gastronomic and accompanying program (concerts, competitions…) is also being organized and is a great opportunity to socialize!

Many people rent a boat, grill on it, and drink! If it becomes too warm, the cold water of the river Drina is there to cool you down. However, we don’t recommend drinking too much and jumping into the water (don’t ask how we know this).

#11 Serbian Festivals: Ljubičevske konjičke igre

Every year in September, Ljubičevske konjičke igre (= the Ljubičevo Equestrian Games) are held in the Ljubičevo stable, a few kilometres from Požarevac.

In addition to being a real delight for lovers of these noble animals, this event preserves the traditions and customs of this region.

Festive parades and carnivals are also organized, so this really becomes another event to remember.

That’s all folks, except…

In Serbia, most major villages and cities have their own events, and here we have singled out only a few of the most popular ones.

We do not doubt that you have a difficult decision ahead and we tried to make it easier for you in this text. Whichever of the Serbian festivals you decide to visit, you will enjoy a variety of programs but also have the opportunity to get to know the spirit and culture of the Serbian people.

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