Written by: Milica Bokšan

Being recognized in Hollywood is the crowning glory of a career for all actors. Considering the global competition, it is not easy to get such recognition.

The road can be even more difficult, especially if you come from a small country. Fortunately, talent is always appreciated, which is not something that Serbian actors lack. It is not surprising that Serbian actors in Hollywood are acting in more and more films and series.

Now, let’s see which Serbian actors made it to our list!

#1 Serbian actors in Hollywood: Rade Šerbedžija

Rade Šerbedžija is perhaps the most successful Serbian actor in Hollywood. His famous career includes more than 100 roles!

He has worked alongside the world’s biggest acting stars. Stanley Kubrick, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, and Clint Eastwood are just some of them. Together with Daniel Craig, he acted in the film about James Bond, that is, in Casino Royale.

serbian actors in Hollywood Rade Serbedzija
Source: Wikipedia

Although he has been living in Hollywood since 2002, he once said that Hollywood stars are very lonely and have no friends.

#2 Serbian actors in Hollywood: Nikola Đuričko

Nikola Đuričko is one of the most famous Serbian actors in Hollywood. He leaves an indelible mark in every appearance thanks to a combination of talent, specific humor, and charisma.

serbian actors in Hollywood Nikola Djuricko
Source: IMDb

He has been acting in Serbian cinematography since his early youth. In Hollywood, he is recognized as a top actor for his role in the popular series Stranger Things. Although it is a secondary role, he left a great impression on the audience and was noticed by various media across the world.

If you want to get acquainted with his acting work, we suggest watching the TV series Vratiće se rode (= The Strokes Will Return), and the movies Lajanje na zvezde (= Barking at the Stars) and Mrtav ’ladan (= Frozen Stiff).

#3 Serbian actors in Hollywood: Branka Katić

Branka Katić started acting when she was only 14 years old. She attended the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rade Šerbedžija’s class.

Thanks to her likable character and, of course, her talent, she is one of the favorite Serbian actresses.

serbian actors in Hollywood Branka Katic
Source: IMDb

The Serbian audience has followed her since her beginnings in the cult series Policajac s Petlovog brda (= Policeman from Rooster Hill), Bolji život (= Better Life), Otvorena vrata (= Open Doors), and we must not forget the films Ubistvo s predumišljajem (= Premeditated Murder) and Crna mačka, beli mačor (= Black Cat, White Cat).

In Hollywood, she became known for her roles in the films Public Enemies and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as well as the hit series Entourage and Big Love.

#4 Serbian actors in Hollywood: Stefan Kapičić

Stefan Kapičić is one of the Serbian actors in Hollywood who was also on the list of the 50 most popular actors in the world!

serbian actors in Hollywood Stefan Kapicic
Source: Espreso

He acted alongside Ryan Reynolds in the megahit Deadpool, and Drew Barrymore in The Big Miracle. He also starred in the productions The Unit, 24, and Numb3rs.

In addition to English, he speaks 5 other languages and often gets the opportunity to give his voice to cartoon and video game characters.

#5 Serbian actors in Hollywood: Raša Bukvić

Raša Bukvić is both a film and theatre actor. He was a part of several Serbian TV series such as Stižu dolari (= The Dollars Are Coming) and Moj rođak sa sela (= My Cousin from the Village).

In 2005, he went to Paris for his role in the movie California, and his Hollywood career followed.

serbian actors in Hollywood Rasa Bukvic
Source: Nportal

He acted in movies Taken, Die Hard 5, Night Pursuit, and The Transporter, alongside such famous actors as Liam Neeson, Bruce Willis, and many others.

#6 Serbian actors in Hollywood: Marija Karan

Marija Karan is considered one of the most beautiful Serbian actresses.

serbian actors in Hollywood Marija Karan
Source: IMDb

She won the hearts of the audience as a young girl in the movie Kada porastem biću kengur (= When I Grow Up I’ll Be a Kangaroo), as well as in the comedy series Ljubav, navika, panika (= Love, Habit, Panic).

People noticed her acting talent from a young age, and even as a little girl she was entertaining the whole neighborhood by telling jokes.

She had a cameo role in The Rite with Anthony Hopkins and starred with Jean-Claude Van Damme in The Deadly Games.

#7 Serbian actors in Hollywood: Ammar Mešić

Ammar Mešić is an upcoming Serbian actor who stars in the TV series Igra sudbine  (= Game of Fate), and is the only Serbian actor who starred in the global hit Game of Thrones.

He modestly says that the role received more attention than he deserved.

Is that all?

Actually no! There are more Serbian actors in Hollywood.

Like, for example, Lazar Ristovski who, like Šerbedžija, played in Casino Royale. Or, Dragan Mićanović, who starred with Selma Hayek and Ryan Reynolds in the action comedy The Bodyguard of the Mafia’s Wife

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