Written by: Milica Bokšan

This probably isn’t your first time learning a new language, but even if it is, you may be feeling a bit anxious about learning Serbian.

First, don’t worry, that is totally normal. After all, you’re tackling a whole bunch of new things.

Moreover, Serbian is known to have one of the trickiest grammars in the world. So just think about what an achievement it’ll be once you master it.

Many of us have felt overwhelmed during language learning (been there, done that). However, thanks to that experience, I’ve come up with some tips that will not just keep your motivation alive but also kick it up a notch.

These tips are so easy to implement that you won’t even notice how Serbian sneaks into your daily routine and becomes a part of it.

So let’s dive in!

#1 Tip for Learning Serbian: Explore the Vast World of Serbian Books

Serbian publishers are pretty up-to-date when it comes to translating new works. And to save you some search time – some of them are Laguna, Vulkan, Dereta, Makart, Booka

You can even choose between multiple translations of the same work, but for starters, grabbing any of the translations is just fine.

learning serbian bunch of books
Make learning Serbian fun!

To stay motivated and focused, think about your favorite book that you couldn’t stop reading. It can be a classic, something from modern literature, or popular psychology. Literally, any genre that tickles your fancy.

Then, find that book translated into Serbian. After that, read the book simultaneously with a translation tool.

You may be wondering – Isn’t this process rather slow?

Even if you read one page a day, that’s more than none. Small steps actually lead to significant results!

And the best part?

Motivating yourself to take such small but effective steps is a breeze.

#2 Tip for Learning Serbian: Create Your Playlist of Serbian Songs

When it comes to this advice, YouTube is your best buddy.

If you’re not sure where to start, into YouTube’s search bar type Srpska muzika (= Serbian music) or Srpske pesme (= Serbian songs).

Another option is to use Google’s search bar and type in Lista najboljih srpskih pesama (= List of the best Serbian songs).

Furthermore, you can search songs by genre:

  • Srpski rok (= Serbian rock songs)
  • Srpski pop (= Serbian pop songs)
  • Srpski rep (= Serbian rap songs)
  • Srpski turbo-folk (= Serbian turbo-folk songs) If it sounds unfamiliar, you’ve got to give this genre a listen; words alone aren’t enough to explain it.
  • Srpske balade (= Serbian ballads)

Once you choose the songs that you like the most, you can create your own playlist that you can listen to on the go!

If you use Spotify, check out our Spotify lists with Serbian music:

When you get used to Serbian music, make sure to use it to practice Serbian! You can use music to practice the Serbian cases or strengthen your knowledge about Serbian tenses.

#3 Tip for Learning Serbian: Make Efficient Use of Stationery

No matter how old you are, you’re never too old for markers, crayons, stickers, and washi tapes! Create colorful mind maps, highlight the most important parts, and organize your study space in a way that sparks your creativity.

This will not only engage your visual and tactile senses but it will include an element of playfulness into your learning routine, as well.

learning serbian notebook pencils
Everything is prettier with colors!

First, decide which colors you will use for what. For example, you can use red for grammar rules, blue for examples, green for exceptions to the rules, and so on.

Then, sketch out a legend on the first page of your notebook.

Now, every time you open your notebook, you will easily find what you are looking for. And considering that the possibilities of using stationary are limitless, you can create a little piece of art.

Not to mention, you’ll memorize everything much easier because the colors are so visually appealing!

#4 Tip for Learning Serbian: Find a TV Series that Will Keep You Hooked

If you didn’t know, Serbia has an exceptionally rich cinematography.

There are many well-known TV series that probably every Serbian knows. In other words, if you were to visit this country and you happened to watch some of these TV series, you’d already have a topic for a conversation starter.

(However, I must admit, some have been aired so often on TV channels that even our pets can repeat some quotes.)

“But why should I watch TV series rather than movies?” – you might ask. Although movies are a good option, TV series will simply keep you motivated for longer if the plot is intriguing.

You can start by watching them with subtitles in your native language, and after a while, you can continue watching without any subtitles, so that you can focus on learning Serbian more.

Begin with shorter ones like Jutro će promeniti sve (= Everything will be different when morning comes) or Otvorena vrata (= Open doors). By watching shorter forms, you won’t feel overwhelmed.

In addition, you’ll inevitably get acquainted with Serbian humor and Serbian slang words, which can be quite specific.

#5 Tip for Learning Serbian: Take Small Steps to Achieve Realistic Goals

learning serbian to do list papers
Write down ideas and bring them to life!

While it’s always good to aim higher, sometimes setting overly ambitious goals can be daunting.

For instance, dedicating a week to learning all verb tenses in the Serbian language sounds awesome, but, to be honest, it’s entirely unrealistic. And when I say that, I mean even for native speakers!

So, give yourself some more achievable goals. For example, one of these goals can be “Master verb tenses in a month or two” or “Read one book in Serbian in 30 days”.

Then, define steps that will become a habit, and you won’t even notice you’ve already achieved one goal.

For instance, these steps can be – “Every other day, I’ll practice tenses for half an hour” or “Every night before bedtime, I’ll read 10 pages of a book”.

When you just imagine that it’s actually about 6 or 7 hours of learning or a whole 300-page book per month, then you realize why small steps are so crucial and motivating!

Let’s sum it up!

With these 5 tips for learning Serbian, the Serbian language will inevitably become a part of your daily routine. You’ll be learning consistently without even realizing it!

What’s more, you can even add a trip to Serbia to your wish list. It is certainly a great opportunity to practice language by speaking with native Serbian speakers.

But, until you make that trip, here is some good news for you!

Native Serbian speakers are also teachers at the BLS school, and all classes are held online. You can be anywhere in the world and still make great progress in learning Serbian.

Just choose the plan perfect for you and enroll in the Serbian online course.

Next time you find yourself in Serbia and realize that you understand what everyone around you is saying, you’ll know that all the effort has paid off!