Written by: Milica Bokšan

The first question you probably had in your mind was: Is Serbia worth visiting?

And the answer is: definitely YES!

Maybe you think that a country with a small surface area like Serbia does not have many things worth visiting.

You must know that Serbia is extremely rich in natural beauty, and there are more than enough sights to make a trip to Serbia a worthwhile experience.

Now, if we have convinced you, your next question probably is – What to visit in Serbia?

We’ve singled out just a few must-see spots, so let’s get started!

What to Visit in Serbia: Fortresses and Archaeological Findings

Serbia has many medieval fortresses that are a testament to its rich history. Each has its own story, which you will know best if you visit them.

#1 Golubačka tvrđava (Golubac fortress)

If you take the road to Kladovo (by the way, it is a great place for a quiet vacation by the river), halfway you will come across Golubačka tvrđava.

Today, there’s a whole complex around the fortress, which includes a cafeteria, a souvenir shop, and other facilities.

The fortress is divided into 4 zones. They depend on which towers you want to access, and the 4th zone is only recommended for specially prepared visitors who are not afraid of heights and snakes.

There are many interesting facts about the Golubac Fortress. Among others, is the fact that it was first mentioned in 1335, and it is not known whether it was built by Hungarians or Serbs.

It is located next to the Danube River so be prepared to take amazing photos!

#2 Petrovaradinska tvrđava (Petrovaradin Fortress)

Petrovaradinska tvrđava one of the most beautiful fortresses and the second largest in Europe must be on your list of What to visit in Serbia.

Beautiful views, rich history, museums, art studios, restaurants, and nightlife are just some of the reasons to visit this amazing edifice.

The fortress is located in the historic town of Petrovaradin, on the right bank of the Danube. Today it is part of Novi Sad and the place where the biggest Serbian festival – Exit – is held.

A clock tower on the fortress is one of the main landmarks of Novi Sad.

Many cultures have changed in this area since prehistoric times, which makes this area even more interesting.

On the site of the former medieval fortress, a new one was built between 1692 and 1780.

If you decide to take a tour with a guide, you will be able to go through its underground and thus learn about the many mysteries connected to the Petrovaradin Fortress.

#3 Kalemegdan

Probably the most famous fortress in Serbia is Kalemegdanska tvrđava (= the Kalemegdan Fortress) in Belgrade.

There is also a restaurant on the fortress itself, and a zoo nearby, so you can spend the whole day touring this part of the capital of Serbia.

Within the fortress, there is also the Kalemegdan Park with many spots with incredible views, so it is not surprising that this is one of the most visited attractions in the whole country.

#4 Viminacijum

Viminacijum (=Viminacium) is an archaeological park and seven parts are open to visitors.

It is located near Požarevac, around one hour from Belgrade, and represents an ancient Roman city where over 50,000 objects have been discovered so far, in addition to various Roman edifices.

what to visit in serbia viminacium
Source: Atlas Obscura

A special mention should be made of Mammoth Park. The real mammoth skeleton was found in this area (and only 20 of them have been found in the whole world so far). It was a female named Vika and it is a rarity that the skeleton was found in its entirety!

What to Visit in Serbia: Monasteries and Churches

Serbia has many monasteries that were built by Serbian rulers and saints during their lifetime as their endowments.

When we say many, we really mean it, because there are several hundred of them and, in addition, the remains of previous monasteries.

#5 Manasija

Manasija, Žiča, Tumane, Ravanica, Sopoćani and many other monasteries represent guardians of the Orthodox faith.

Manasija or Resava monastery is one of the most important. It is an endowment of the despot Stefan Lazarević and was built between 1407 and 1418.

The entire monastery complex is surrounded by walls that serve as a defense.

The cultural and historical importance, the beauty of the building, and the greenery surrounding the monastery are what will surely leave an impressive impression if you head to this part of Despotovac (the southeastern part of Serbia).

#6 Hram Svetog Save

It is dedicated to Saint Sava, the founder of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the first Serbian archbishop.

It is located in Vračar in Belgrade and is the second-largest Orthodox temple in the world.

what to visit in serbia hram svetog save
Source: Panacomp

The mosaic inside the temple covers 15,000 square meters. The temple is a magnificent work of Serbian architecture and art!

What to Visit in Serbia: Ethno-Villages

Ethno villages are very popular in Serbia. This type of tourism is more and more common because it teaches about cultural heritage.

#7 Drvengrad

Mećavnik, Drvengrad, or Kustendorf was the idea of director Emir Kusturica, which he successfully implemented.

This ethno-village is located between the mountains of Zlatibor and Tara. He transferred old houses from the surrounding villages, revived them and created a so-called film city.

Meša Selimović library, Stanley Kubrick cinema, pastry shop Kod Ćorkana, Diego Maradona Square – these are just some of the parts of Kustendorf that you can enjoy.

You can find accommodation in the ethno-village itself; interestingly, all the rooms in Drvengrad are different.

#8 Sirogojno

Today, Serbia has a large number of ethnic villages that are worth visiting, as well as farmsteads that entertain visitors of all ages.

Another ethnic village near Zlatibor is Staro Sirogojno.

what to visit in serbia sirogojno
Source: Visit Serbia

This is an open-air museum made of old log cabins where people used to live, work, prepare food, make clothes and more.

It is surrounded by beautiful nature, so you will surely enjoy it!

What to Visit in Serbia: Rivers

Serbian rivers made some pretty amazing natural masterpieces!

#9 Krupajsko vrelo

Krupajsko vrelo is a real gem for the eyes!

With the incredible color of the water surrounded by picturesque nature, you will not be able to look away from this beauty.

It is located in eastern Serbia on the right side of the Krupaja River. Not only is it fantastic above the surface, but there is also an underground labyrinth below the surface of the lake, so divers have to use ropes to get back to the surface when exploring.

Manasija Monastery and Resava Cave are also nearby, so don’t miss visiting them!

#10 Đerdapska klisura

Đerdapska klisura (= the Đerdap Gorge), or Iron Gate, is the longest gorge in Europe.

It is located within the Djerdap National Park. It separates Serbia and Romania, so the southern side belongs to Serbia and the northern side belongs to Romania.

what to visit in serbia đerdapska klisura
Source: Wikipedia

Don’t miss the cruise on the Danube through the gorge, because that way you will be able to see this unreal nature all around you.

#11 Kanjon Uvca

A magnificent destination that you can visit is kanjon Uvca (= the Uvac River Canyon).

The meanders cut by the river are a true representation of the power of nature. There are several caves here, the most famous of which are Tubićka pećina (= the Tubića Cave) and Ušačka pećina (= the Ušačka Cave).

The Uvac Canyon is home to an almost extinct species of eagle in our area. It is a beloglavi sup, a bird with a wingspan of 3 meters.

How to Enjoy a Visit to Serbia Even More

If you are coming to Serbia for the first time, include these places on your list of What to visit in Serbia and you will surely enjoy them. People say pictures are worth a thousand words, but you have to see these places in person.

To make the pleasure even greater, you can prepare for this visit by starting to learn the Serbian language!

If you want to experience Serbia like a local, book your Serbian lessons online as soon as possible!