Written by: Milica Bokšan

You will probably agree that love is one of the most important things in everyone’s life. So, Love in Serbian is our next topic to cover!

Often you can tell that someone is in love just by looking at them, but it is useful to know how to express it with words.

Not to mention that it will be especially charming that you even bothered to talk about love in the language of the person you like!

If you like a Serbian man or a Serbian woman, here are some Serbian love phrases that will help you show your affection.

Love in Serbian: Ljubav

love in serbian ljubav pink heart
One of the most beautiful Serbian words

Ljubav (ljubav meaning “Love” in English) is certainly one of the most beautiful words in the Serbian language.

The word Ljubav does not only denote emotions between partners, but also between family members, friends, and even love for a pet.

Often when we are delighted with someone or with something that someone has done, we can say:

  • Koja si ti ljubav! (= You are such a love!)

For example, when we are in love and want to share our feelings with someone we can say:

  • Osećam pravu ljubav! (= I feel true love!)

But what are some of the most common phrases to express love in Serbian? Let’s find out!

#1 Imaš li dečka/devojku?

Although this Serbian love phrase is not really the best option to start a conversation with the person you like (because it is very straight to the point) you will probably need it at some moment.

  • Imaš li dečka? or Imaš li devojku? (= Do you have a boyfriend? / Do you have a girlfriend?)

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#2 Sviđaš mi se / Dopadaš mi se

The following two phrases are somewhat milder and more endearing than the previous ones. In English, both can be translated as “I like you!”

For example, when you want to let someone know that you have some feelings for him or her, you’ll say:

  • Sviđaš mi se! or Dopadaš mi se! (= I like you!)

However, once more, we suggest you be careful when using this phrase.

It’s always sweeter to read between the lines that someone likes someone. But even if you use one of the aforementioned Serbian love phrases too early, you might see through your fingers because the most important thing is the effort you put into it!

#3 Jedva čekam da te vidim

One of the nicest ways to tell someone you’re thinking of them is to say or write:

  • Jedva čekam da te vidim! (= I can not wait to see you!)
love in serbian girl texting smiling
Be someone’s reason to smile!

You can also use this Serbian love phrase when arranging a date, so you will let the person know that you are excited about seeing them soon.

#4 Zaljubljen sam / Zaljubljena sam

Being in love is more serious than liking someone. So, when that happens and you want to express your love in Serbian, you will say:

  • Zaljubljen/a sam! (= I’m in love!)

Don’t forget that the Serbian language distinguishes genders when it comes to verbs, so if you’re a woman, you’ll say: Zaljubljena sam!, and if you’re a man: Zaljubljen sam!

#5 Zagrli me / Poljubi me

Gestures of tenderness are something that is a must among couples in love.

The Serbian word for “hug” is Zagrljaj, and for the “kiss” is Poljubac.

How will you say “Hug me“ or “Kiss me”?

It’s a piece of cake to remember:

  • Zagrli me! (= Hug me!)
  • Poljubi me! (= Kiss me!)

#6 Volim te

Volim te (meaning “I love you! “) is the most beautiful way to tell someone that you care about him or her. And if it’s time to use this Serbian love phrase in person, we’re glad you found your soulmate in Serbia!

It’s good to know that you can also use this phrase for family members or friends.

#7 Obožavam te

The Serbian love phrase Obožavam te means “I adore you!” in English.

love in serbian couple kissing
We can express the love in so many ways.

You can use this phrase when someone both amazes you and you feel love for them, so you want to let them know that.

#8 Značiš mi

Perhaps one of the most beautiful ways to express love in the Serbian language is to tell someone Značiš mi (meaning “You mean a lot to me”).

There’s so much more to this phrase than can be explained in words, and it’s a wonderful way to let someone know you care.

#9 Nedostaješ mi

love in serbian i miss you window
“I miss you” means Nedostaješ mi.

When we haven’t seen someone for a long time or we haven’t seen them for a short time, but still we can’t wait to be with that person again, we will say:

  • Nedostaješ mi. (= I miss you.)

#10 Hoćeš li da se udaš za mene?

At the end of this list of Serbian expressions of love, we left the most significant one for last.

love in serbian couple engagement ring
The most important question is about to be asked!

When you know that someone is the right person for you, you will ask them the famous question:

  • Hoćeš li da se udaš za mene? (= Will you marry me?)

This is the question that will not leave anyone indifferent, and if you decide to take that step, maybe it’s time to find out what a Serbian wedding can look like. 😉 Of course, how you plan your wedding is now up to you.

After all this love…

…it’s time to let all this knowledge sink in, and then decide which are the right words to express your love in the Serbian language.

To help you express your emotions, here is a list of some of the most famous Serbian love songs!

If you still have any doubts about love in Serbian or simply want to improve your knowledge of the language as soon as possible, you can immediately start your Serbian online course!